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musings on my magical MyStery tour...

Reality Bites

In which I try to come to terms with reality. But reality bites.

My Freaky Year

My Freaky Year with MS, the highlights and lowlights of learning to dance with the disease

Radical Acceptance

This blog is a re-post from ReConnected Life, and a mea culpa blaming MS…

New Normal

This relapse isn’t going to remit. This is my new normal. It takes some getting used to…

Re-Learning to Pace

Back in the day, I learned the importance of pacing the hard way. Now, the tools I learned in my recovery are critical to my everyday.


Living with constant pain takes its toll on the soul. At least, I suppose, you’re forever surprised by the types of pain, and where it’ll decide to show up.


This morning has been full of small triggers resulting in angry outbursts. This one won’t cover everything about anger, or even everything about just the anger I’m feeling right now. Writing to vent. And in writing to get it gone.


This diagnosis comes with a label. I’m officially disabled. And yet, whilst I’m nowhere near what I would normally define as disabled, some days I really feel it. I’m not a fan of labels. And I’m definitely not a fan of this one.

Six weeks. And three months.

They say it’s OK that it’s been three months since the diagnosis and I’m still not OK with this.

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